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Cake Disaster Story

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I made a calculator cake for a friend who is retiring and the cake was cracking everywhere.  Somehow, people weren't noticing it so much but all I could find myself saying when I got compliments about the cake was "it's cracked!"  I am very disappointed right now.  Even though everyone loved it, I know it could have been better.  I put the fondant on a cold cake and put it in the fridge because it had cream cheese frosting.  It has also been raining and it's very humid.  I would appreciate any advice or information on what I did wrong.  I have been baking and decorating cakes for a while now but I still haven't gotten the hang of fondant!  I know I have to keep trying but sometimes I get so disappointed with myself.  I would appreciate any words of encouragement right now!!! Thanks.

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It may have been the cream cheese frosting.  For some reason cream cheese frosting doesn't do well under fondant.

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Usually the main reason a cake cracks is because it is not level.  I doubt the cr che icing had anything to do with it.

Now, in the future,* no matter what*! do NOT ever point out to anyone your mistakes:)  As you mentioned, most people do not see the flaws we see in our work.

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I cant help with the cracking but i just wanted to say in my opinion us cake makers (hobby or buisness) are very critical of our work and we can see every flaw no matter how small or big but as its said before other people dont look at a cake in the same way we do so they dont see anything but a great looking cake. Defo dont say anything next time and take the praise as you deserve it i am sure it was a fab looking cake icon_smile.gif
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I agree. Never point out the faults you see in your cake. It makes people feel uncomfortable, like you are expecting them to make you feel better. Most people don't notice or don't care about a little cracked fondant. The only way you are going to get better is to keep practicing and keep learning.

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