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Soggy sponge cake!

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Hi I was just wondering if anyone could help me, on Friday I sent out a lovely 2 tier christening cake to a very happy customer, today she brought the whole thing back icon_sad.gif she thought it was uncooked but, after looking at it I could see it was cooked and I knew it was as I checked it and could see it was cooked after levelling.
The whole thing looked wet but was really dense, the bottom layer was sat in a small pool of syrup type stuff but all the fondant on the out side was completely in tact.
I have no idea what went wrong, like I said it was fine when I levelled and filled it, please help x
It was a vanilla sponge, jam and vanilla frosting covered with fondant x
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Sounds like there was too much moisture in either the icing, jam, or both. I know that sounds stupidly simple, but if the cake was baked through, thats all I can assume.
You didn't use simple syrup? It can be easy to use too much of that. Sometimes jam straight on cake can soak in and make things seem soggy (a thin buttercream layer can prevent some soaking in the future).
What kind of icing did you use?
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Or, if you froze the cake, maybe, if it was iced while frozen there was too much moisture trapped in it??
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Thank you so much for the reply iampamcakes! I used a vanilla frosting from bako and a really this layer of jam but I've used both before and never had a problem :-/ the only difference this time is that I chilled the cake after the crumb coat and then again after the next layer of frosting before adding the fondant (I was trying to achieve sharper edges !) but every programme I watch and plenty of books I read reccomend chilling after c.c etc so I just don't get it?!? I am so gutted, I have just set up as a full time business and really don't want bad feed back to ruin a reputation I've worked really hard to build . I have 3 cakes going out this week and I am so scared of this happening again xx
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