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I've painted on fondant cakes and painted on canvas with acrylic. I think your biggest challenge will be transferring you photos to the fonadant. The gels and acrylic do work similarly but it's actually more like painting with watercolors. Your idea is great just think it will take you more time than you anticipate. The fondant will have to crust before you begin or else you will leave dents in it. Good luck be sure to post pictures!
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Another alternative would be using a Photoshop filter to simulate a hand-painted image from an existing photograph, then just printing out the modified image with edible inks.
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Ok so I'm not going to even post a picture because it was awful. What's bad is I should have known using food colors for so long.

Problem 1. To get shades of grey with black is impossible..which at this point I should have known never to venture.. Thus making said people purple or green depending on brand of black food dye. Not so attractive.

Problem 2. The design did not transfer like the crafty link showed. I tried twice second with super sharp pencil, thinking first was too dull. Maybe it was because it was an off brand pencil?

Problem 3. The medium when adding the Ameri-gel colors seems to be like tree bark when painting instead of watercolor??? Any ideas...tried adding extract and it helped slightly.


As far as time that wasn't the issue it was all of the above. I went ahead and played around with my colors to get the hang of it for flowers but because of problems 2&3 can't see doing it at the moment.


Any answers to these would be greatly appreciated.

At the moment I think I'm going to go with edible images just thought the hand painted would give it

more of a personal feel and of course more custom.

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A suggestion for the color is that maybe you could offer a sepia look by using brown food coloring. You should be able to thin it down and shade your "painting" without getting the off colors that come from black food coloring.


All this cake, and I've gained too much weight. LOL! I am now....The Cake Runner!



All this cake, and I've gained too much weight. LOL! I am now....The Cake Runner!

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Some ideas for you.....
If you do go with sepia toned photos...use americolor's ivory. I've found it gives more of a brown color. The brown tends to give a reddish tint.
Treat your gel colors like watercolors go from light to dark shades (unlike with acrylic dark to light) use vodka to thin with not water. I've used extracts and prefer vodka. Thin the color and apply light thin coats that will help with "the tree bark". I rarely use gel color that hasn't been thinned way down.
On your transfer-did you let fondant sit and crust before transferring design? I've found that designs will transfer better if the fondant is "hard". Did you use a #2 pencil? Depending on my design....i make sure that when I trace design on the side that touches the cake press hard. That way when I flip the paper and apply the design to my cake using a really sharp pencil there's enough grafite on the other side to transfer the design.

Hope this helps...and made sense:smile:
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Thanks guys for the help!

Sepia idea is great.

I didn't use a typical #2 pencil it was just a pencil I picked up from somewhere green sparkle design. So I thought that might have been why. I let the fondant

crust for a day and it was pretty hard also it was pretty thin.

I did press hard with the pencil but it was no luck and had sharpener nearby. So the pencil being dull wasn't the issue, but type probably was.

So 3 more ?

1. Have you transfered on Marshmallow fondant with no issues?

2. Why can't you transfer onto wet fondant? Just curious...was actually thinking maybe the wet fondant would immediately take the design and wouldn't have to trace at all?

3. On the instructional video she used some of the paints without adding the vodka because she wanted the more intense color. However, when I did that, it looked like bark. So up close hers probably looked like bark too? I can hardly believe that since she was a professional chef. She did mention brush strokes. Maybe her brush strokes blended when she put vodka mix color over it?

Thanks in Advance for all the help you guys have given. icon_biggrin.gif

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One big reason for not transferring on soft fondant is that it will leave dents/lines in your fondant.
You can paint with straight color but with a "light touch" too much and it will build up and crack
Did you trace design with pencil,then flip parchment so lead/graphite is touching cake?

Any other questions feel free to message me
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Thanks both of you the videos look like they might far I like the idea of using chocolate to paint with.

I did trace with the graphite side touching the cake and retracing so maybe it was just the cheap pencil.

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