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Scratch Cake Recipes

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Hey everyone! So since starting to bake/decorate about 4 years ago I generally use all doctored mixes. Ive managed to get a few doctored recipes down to a science that have produced rave reviews and I havent ventured far from what I know in fear of screwing up an order for a customer! (essentially Id rather produce a sufficiantly tasty item versus risking a dry bland cake just to be "credable") but I genuinely want to branch out... easy stuff at first. Ive looked online but since there are literally THOUSANDS of recipe variations. I was wondering if any of you had and "sure thing" easy scratch recipes.... simple flavors like a basic white or chocolate cake. 


I really appreciate anyone who'd wanna share a recipe! admittedly Im extremely intimidated by all recipes online. Ive tried a few in the past and have been dissapointed. I have yet to figure out if Im messing up the recipe or just havent found one thats any good! 


Thanks guys!

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I use this one for my vanilla cake. The only thing I change is I use vanilla bean paste instead of vanilla. Everyone loves it

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