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Marshmallow fondant... For sculpting?

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I'm an amateur baker, and I'm new to CC. I've gotta say, I'm already in love with the community here!

I'm going to be baking my brother's wedding cake in about a week. They want a simple, small two tiered cake with white icing and sculpted succulent plants. (Apparently this is a popular look, I found a ton of cakes like this on Pinterest.).

I know I can make really well-sculpted plants, I've had great success sculpting marzipan before, and I found some great tutorials. But I'm unsure about the medium. Last time I sculpted with marzipan, the decorations looked great, but tasted very bitter. It's also a little on the oily side.

So the tutorials I've found use fondant. Two years ago, I made marshmallow fondant to cover a cake, and I was amazed by how easy it was and how well it turned out. But would it be amenable to sculpting?

I don't know how different it is from commercial fondant, or if I'd want to add more powdered sugar or cornstarch or something...

Has anyone tried this?
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I would use a mix of 50/50 gumpaste and fondant. I'm a bit new to this as well but have had great success when combining the two for sculptures.
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I'm a little confused. Do you want to sculpt the plants or model them? When you describe it it does sound like modeling, but you use the word sculpt.
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Oh, duh, I totally mean model.

I was wondering about gumpaste, I know nothing about it! Is Wilton's any good?
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I use the wilton gum paste and it works womderful. It's very easy to color and work with.
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