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Getting Permission or Not too?

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I am really interested in making a Hello Kitty cake. I saw one from a baker on FB. Now I want to tread carefully. I really do want to duplicate this cake, however, my intentions are not to steal it and claim it as my own work. I fully intend to give full credit to the original baker. I have emailed the original baker requesting their permission to copy/ duplicate their cake. Stated my intentions are to make it for my soon to be 3 year old. I'm still a beginner baker, by all means I'm not great. Was I wrong in requesting their permission? I really don't want to cross any lines with anyone. But I know it's a "BIG" deal duplicating someone's cake with out their permission and/ or "NOT" giving credit to the original baker. Not sure what to do?
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I don't feel that you're crossing the line, I mean at least you asked the other bakers permission to copy her work. Now I'm not sure but because its a hello kitty cake there might be copyrights on it meaning whoever created hello kitty has copyrights to it, you can get into trouble by making a cake if it had copyrights to it..its highly unlikely that the original copyrighter would contact you but you are suppose to get their permission to copy any likeness of hello kitty.however if you do make the cake just don't put any pictures on the internet for people to see and you should be fine.
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Thank you Kazita!

After reading all that it sounds like I need to ask the copyrights holder for permission "if I intend to sell the cake" and get permission from the baker "if I am to copy their cake and give the baker credit for the original piece."

I really don't plan on selling character cakes. I enjoy the detail of a string work cakes like Lambeth and Nirvana to name a few. This is however the cake I plan on duplicating with the bakers permission. Please have FB up to view. Again not to sell.

Am I wrong in my interpretation?
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it is necessary to get permission form the  copyright holder. Most people agree that if you do it for your own child and don't intend to resell, its OK to do it without permission, however that is a fairly grey area,so the best advise is not to post pictures on your website as advertsing.


Legally you don't need the permission from someone to replicate a cake. It considered common courtesy to ask for permission and/or give credit when you post the cake on your website.

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Technically, absolutely right to get permission from copyright holder.  It depends though what you're doing the cake - if it's just for domestic purposes then I wouldn't bother with that!

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