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Madeleine Pan

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Hi there


I know this is not the correct forum to talk about madeleine but I need help ! I will be making madeleine first time ever (after having tried them in France, I fell in love with them). I am very confused so as which madeleine pan to buy. There are so many kinds: Non stick,Aluminum, Silicone, Mini size, Regular size etc.


Which one should I go for ?


Thank you !!

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Well the size of the pan is up to you, whatever size you want to bake. There are differences in how easy or hard to use the different pans are.


  • The classic aluminum metal pan that is non-stick is hard to use, because the madeleine's do really stick in the pan. Baking in them is NOT simple for a beginner. You must use a heavy coat of pan spray.
  • The metal pans with the non-stick surface are better for release, but the cakes still can stick in them and in time the surface gets scratched up so the non-stick surface isn't any better then the aluminum pan. You still need to use pan spray for them to release.
  • The silicone pans work the easiest, by a mile! But they make the surface of the madeleine shiny. If something happens and they get stuck in the pan all you do is freeze them and you can get them to release perfectly.
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I would buy the regular aluminum madeleine pan. I have the mini pan and they're pretty small and hard to see the shape. I personally don't like non-stick pans or the silicone pans. The regular size aluminum pan is easy to use and the madeleines come out beautiful!

Good luck!

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I have a set of old aluminum pans I use, if you want traditional mads, that's what you should use.

Silicone won't brown the underside like it should or crisp up the edges, and non stick makes them too dark.

You need to butter and dust the pans, or use a butter/flour mixture, either way, use butter and flour instead of non-stick spray. While they are still warm, just tap the pan on the counter, and turn them out, they should come out just fine.

Also, you get much neater, more pronounced scallops with the traditional size metal pans.


Antique stores are actually a great place to find the pans, I've gotten 3 for under $2, and they are perfect. I did a side by side comparison of one of my antique ones and a new expensive Williams Sonoma one, haven't used the Williams one since.


Macarons and mads were my life for 2 years, lol, and I'm a bit of a snob. I was taught very traditionally, and am not quite open minded enough for silicon bakeware :P

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