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Mousse request

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Hi everyone. I am making an entremet and the outer layer will be a simple vanilla mousse. I'd like the mousse to have no eggs (specifically yolks) and preferably no cornstarch, but stable enough that it can hold itself and be sturdy enough for a light fruit glaze that will be poured over the entire entremet. Does anyone know if there's a recipe out there for this? Any help would be much appreciated.

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My standard for use at home mousse recipe only has egg whites... You can substitute white chocolate or almond bark for the dark chocolate... it doesn't have any cornstarch... It holds up well once set...


Here is the easy recipe...


Equal parts by weight:  egg whites, chocolate, whipping cream

whip cream till stiff, refrigerate

whip egg whites till stiff

melt chocolate

combine all three



If you are planning on coating something, put it on before it sets obviously...


Otherwise, There are icings you could use that are lighter in flavor... I make a cooked one with milk, cornstarch (which you could substitute flour), sugar, and butter...

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Thanks AAtKT. Do you have one for a simple vanilla mousse? I guess I should've clarified in my post that what I'm looking for specifically is a vanilla mousse.

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You could try leaving out the  chocolate (or almond bark or white chocolate) in my recipe... add vanilla beans or vanilla bean paste...


I don't usually make a strictly vanilla mousse at home, so I am not that sure...

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