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Cupcake Booth at Outdoor Market

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I was recently given the opportunity to open a booth at one of the outdoor markets at one of our local shopping centers her in kuala lumpur. The thing is, it was an outdoor market and i was seriously short handed and well, i was scared i couldn't handle it all by myself so i had to turn it down. However, i still do want to give it a shot. Any advice on how i should go about setting up and organising my booth? the market usually runs for 2 days straight so i'm not sure how to juggle my timing in regards to baking and physically being there at the booth to sell my goods. also, i'm dealing with humid tropical weather here; any advice on how i can package or sell the cakes without them turning into a melty mess by the end of the day? any suggestions/ideas will be much appreciated. thanks!

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I would invest in a good esky or use a recipe that taste good after freezing and take the cakes there frozen?

Is there someone that could drop off the second half lot at lunchtime as humidity is just not good for any cake!! Good luck with it.

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Hi, Pinkie


I understand how you felt about being hesitant. I live in Richmond, VA and I make several different treats. My first booth setup was last year and I had a friend to help me. I was super anxious on how my product would sell and could I handle the volume. I sold out within two hours! It was not as bad as I thought. 

I have been working at local farmers market as well as vending at festivals this year. I will tell you that it is best to have a helper with you, it's hard to juggle talking about your product and sales at the same time. I am really not sure how your currently packaging your cakes, but I use plastic hinge containers. I also individually wrap some products as well. By law in my state, everything must be labeled too. 


Don't forget you can start a head of time and freeze the unfrosted cakes and frost as time gets near. Make sure it's sealed in an airtight container.

I have my first large event that will have over 12,000 expected to show on 6/15 and I have already started baking my tail off and will do all the decorating the week of. What am I getting myself into is what the little voice says in my head. I am also resigning from my job to focus on my bakery business full time. :o


I ignore the negative thoughts, you should ignore the fear and think about how great it can turn out. People will appreciate your effort and will wait in the long lines to buy your cakes!


Good Luck


Websites to check out are

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thank you, sweetbirdies. i think an esky will definitely come in handy! great idea about freezing the cupcakes! must do a test run soon. thanks again!

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thanks so much jazzypetite!


I must say your reply was very encouraging and has given me a vote of confidence to definitely give it a try. i've never frozen any of my cupcakes before, but will give it a test run. Thanks again!

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