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Cupcake Liners

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Hi everyone! I'm new to Cake Central and this is my first time posting. 

I'm a brand new cupcake baker and I was wondering where is the best place to buy cupcake liners? Should I buy them online and in bulk, or should I stick to the ones I can find in the store? The Wilton cupcake liners at my local craft store usually run around $2-$2.50 for 75 liners, which I think is somewhat expensive, but I don't want to get the cheap grocery store kind with no color either.


Please give me some advice on my cupcake liners! Thanks 

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I buy them from Michael's or Joann's. I usually go with the plain colors so that they can match any theme. How expensive they are depends on the design. Michael's always has a discount coupon for 40-50% off so it is never expensive.

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I buy the standard Reynold's foil liners.  They even have no-fade wrappers but there are limited designs.  I have used the craft store liners but I like the Reynold's ones the best.

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I use the Reynolds white liners.  You can get them at GFS in a box of 500 for around $4.  If I need a colored or patterned one, I still bake in a white liner and pop it into the special one after baking.  I find that these liners work best and don't separate from the cupcake like others do.

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MariaK38--are those Reynolds white liners grease proof? I started using the foil liners and I like them a lot in most cases. I did a trial batch of coconut cupcakes last night and liked them better in white.
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The white ones are not but they work well. FYI if you buy the foil ones you can use the white insert as a liner a well. A lot of people think that is another liner but it's meant to separate the foil liners during production. I used to toss them but then I started using them whenever I needed backup liners or if I was making my own wrappers (and knew the liner wouldn't be seen).
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I use white cupcake liners from Ace restaurant supply, 500 liners for $2.50!

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