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Philadelphia Home Bakery

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Hello All,


This is my first post. I would love to have my own home baking business. Has anyone attempted to get their Home Food Processor license in Philadelphia? I have printed out the application packet and I'm just starting to really get everything ready. I rent a town house in the city and I'm wondering if anyone has tried in Philly. Any advice would be much appreciated. I have recently stumbled upon this page and I love it! Thank you in advance. :)

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Philly is a b*tch of a town to start a business in.I am in the process of doing it! :)  Bottom line, no, you cannot cook from your house. No matter what it is (baked good, jelly, cake, whatever). You cannot get your kitchen licensed. You would have to have your entire house turned into a business. There can be no crossover. Sorry for the bad news.

There is a community kitchen run by the Enterprise center, but it is pricy. Best bet is to find a restaurant or church or something that will let you borrow kitchen space.

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I'm surprised it's so hard in Philly. Must be a city thing, I think for PA in general it is pretty easy to obtain a license and bake out of your home.


You could always move to the 'burbs. I have some crazy customers I'm willing to pawn off.... I mean share :)

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Yeah, right a cross the city line is super easy, but in city limit-all bets are off! The entire city of Philly is such a pain with everything- I just did a street fest, and it cost $48 just to apply, then and additional $150 for the permit for one day! If my husband didn't work for the city so he has to live in the city, we would hop over the city line. :(

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This is not good news. I gues getting the business license is out.  I thought that this would not be as difficult.

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