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Did I charge too much??

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300 guest wedding

3 tier wedding cake (8, 10, 12)
Two double layer 1/2 sheets
One 9x13 double layer cake
6 inch anniversary cake
6 inch sugar-free cake

All simple decorating, vanilla with buttercream.

I charged $500 all said and done (delivery included).

I'm so nervous about over-charging, but my husband thinks I usually don't charge enough for my time and supplies. I suspect he might be right.

What are everyone's thoughts?

Thank you!

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You're under charging! By a lot!
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Way undercharging.
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I agree with IAmPamCakes... you are WAY undercharging. I would say at least $1000.. at very least..

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Overcharging? No way. Undercutting everyone else? Hugely.

If you don't value your work no one else will, either.
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Have you calculated how much you will spend on ingredients and supplies (boxes, cake boards, dowels..etc) ?

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Wow! Thank you for your replies! I'm shocked, actually. I do put my heart into my cakes because I hate to display something tragic, but I cringe when i'm giving the price (something I clearly have to get over).
I remember paying less than half that for my wedding cake (17 years ago! Haha!), so it never ceases to surprise me how expensive things are now.
I don't want to undercut others' businesses, so I'll be making some price changes in a hurry.
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Way under charged. Even if you only charged $2/serving the tiered cake alone would be almost $300 and that doesn't include everything else
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Baking Me Crazy: no...I haven't really! I know that sounds irresponsible but I've really just fallen into this business and never gave it much thought. We run a resort where I cook the meals, and special birthday and anniversary cakes have always been "included" in the all-inclusive price (and including special cakes?? that's going to disappear with rising prices of supplies, food,, and labor!!) so, now the business expanded outside of the resort and I've flapped around a bit in confusion!
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My husband is saying "I told you so." Thanks for all your help!!
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I too was undercharging until I sat down and figured out how much I was spending on supplies and ingredients per cake. It will take time and may get a little frustrating, but its necessary. Don't sell yourself short. Us cakers put too much work, effort and heart into our creations to undercharge.

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So true!! Meh...a little math is in the future for me.
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You're undercharging. That's what? $1.67 per serving *including* delivery and set-up? Wow.

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$500. divided by 388 servings = 1.29 per serving ('80s prices!).

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Originally Posted by CWR41 View Post

$500. divided by 388 servings = 1.29 per serving ('80s prices!).

Thanks for catching that. I went by the 300 in the OP, but it appears that was an underestimate. OP are you using party servings?

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