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Small fissures / cracks on my fondant. Air bubbles too!

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Hi! Maybe it's already happened to you? For me, this is the first time!

I use Satin Ice fondant and always will.

I have two problems here:

# 1 - This week I had two cakes to cover and I struggled. It is getting hot these days. Initially I had air bubbles are formed which I removed with a toothpick. After a few hours the dry basis, the air bubble was back! Why? The fondant starts to dry too! A chance that I could hide with decoration ... -_-

# 2 - The smallest cake had been covered with fondant and I was going to decorate it the next day. I realized that the cake was doing small cracks in some places .... -_-'     ARrrrhhhhh

I wonder what made her? I use the fondant mat to cover my cake. Then I apply the cornstarch to remove moisture that condenses basis because I had to finish my cake smooth (because the fondant was sticky).


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When weather is hot and humidity high, these issues are frequent. I use for the summer time Carma Masa Tissino tropical fondant, more expensive but much better to work with.

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I truly feel your pain and frustration. I have been baking for over 2o years and have only used Satin Ice fondant. I live on Pennsylvania so humidity is certainly a big problem during the summer months. I don't know if this would help but I will tell you what I do. I will preface this by saying that sometimes there is no rhyme or reason as to why these problems happen. I cannot seem to figure it out. First, I bake the cakes about 4 days before the event. Sometimes sooner if I have a lot if cakes to do. I let them completely cool before I do anything. Sometimes I will layer them and crumb coat while other times I will wrap them in Saran Wrap and then crumb coat them the next day. When I crumb coat the cakes I put the in the fridge to chill. When I am ready to cover the cakes with fondant, I take them out if the fridge and lightly spray with water to make the surface a bit tacky. I use a shortening based vanilla icing. I try to cover every inch if the cake with water. I use the fondant smoothers to help and try as best I can to get all of the air bubbles. I keep a straight pin handy to pop any air bubbles. Sometimes this works and I don't get any bulging or further air bubbles and sometimes it doesn't. Can't seem to figure this out. I carefully watch my cakes until I have to deliver them because sometimes a perfectly draped cake can develop an air bubble. Can't figure that out either. I also have tried to use Tylose powder to help stiffen the fondant. In any case I have 3 cakes now that I cannot wait to deliver because its kind of humid and I'm nervous. Maybe someone else will have some insight on this issue.
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Yes that's really suck :/


I have read somewhere that it's important that when you put the buttercream between de layers, that you make sure to do not any air bubbles because the air bubbles want popped out anyway. So maybe it's one of reason about air bubbles.. ?


P.S. Sorry my english!

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