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Flower pot cake

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I just realized after about 10 hours....that I torted, filled, and stacked my cakes (two 8" rounds and one 6" round) for a flower pot cake, without any cardboard in between layers. I stacked them w/ the upside down method, carved them into a pot shape, and planned on flipping them in a bit. I am worried now that the bottom layer which is the 6" round isn't going to be strong enough to hold the two 8" carved layers on top??? I just measured my cake and it is about 7" tall.

So do I attempt to take it apart in between the 6 & 8" layers and insert cardboard? Or do you all think it will be ok without it? I planned on putting a dowel down the center once flipped, and wrapping the cake in terracota colored modeling chocolate.

Any opinions and/or suggestions are greatly appreciated!! Thanks so much!
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Whats your filling? If its something firm like classic BC or ganache you'll be fine, I did a 7" tall set of 8" rounds last month with ganache and it was perfectly fine.


if its a soft cake/filling you may have to take it apart; maybe flip it over and see what happens over a few hours; worst case you have a bake another 6" round right? that's not so bad :-)


Best of luck

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The filling is just chocolate buttercream frosting. And good idea on flipping it and watching to see what happens...I'm going to do that now icon_smile.gif the good thing is I already have another 6" round baked bc I planned on using both originally but thought it looked funny stacked! I forgot about it until you mentioned it! Thanks for your reply 😊
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