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12 inch sponge cake

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Hi I've been baking a 12 inch sponge cake - I've made Victoria sponge using
550g of everything and 10 eggs
Used the creaming method not all in one

The cakes do not seem to be rising very much and when buttercreamed and fondant applied seem to start sinking..

Should I have used a maderia cake for this size cake?

If you were doing a 12 inch wedding cake of all sponge would you recommend maderia instead of a Victoria sponge?

Thank-you any help is appreciated
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Victoria sponge is fine under fondant, I use it with various flavour variations for all my cakes. So it baked ok, didn't sink after baking? It just seems to be losing height when you fill it, add buttercream and then the fondant? Are you letting the cake settle between stages or doing it all, including baking, in 1 or 2 days?

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Hi thankyou for your relply

Yeh I baked the 2 sponges and cooled overnight, butter creamed them and left for 2 hours, I then iced
But it seemed to bulge out at the sides under the weight. When I crumb coated the sponge I turned it upside down so the bottom was flat filled and used the other sponge and placed with the flat part as the top, I think It started to bend then and I should have trimmed the sides to make sure there were no wells of buttercream which seemed to start bulging out under the weight - hope this makes sense

I think I need to do a course on baking, trimming and icing to achieve a perfect crisp icing smooth finish with nice sharp edges icon_smile.gif
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