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Fish cake

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Has anyone made a 3D fish cake?? the fish laying on a board.. like its about to be cleaned.. I'm doing one for a good friend and am stumped on how to do the fins... any suggestions???

I'm planning on it being like this picture :

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That is a spot tail bass picture of a fish in which the scales have already been removed. It appears to just have the lines of where the scales used to be. I am sure someone here will be able to help you and tell you how to do it.  I have never made a fish cake before but I have cleaned many a real fish.


Hang in there!!   I am sure someone will be able to help you with this. Good luck!!!  Post a picture of your final cake. I am sure you will do just fine!!!

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Well i never got any advise.. just dove right in.... This is what i came out with.. the birthday boy (or man, lol) had a tear come to his eye, and didnt cut it for 24 hours... The color was a little off.. but not much.
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Looks nice. Great job!
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Make the fins out of gumpaste: print out a pic of the fish the size you need, cut out the fins and use that as your templates for your gumpaste(make sure to leave a tab to be able to stick them in your cake) then just add detail using a veiner. Hth
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I did the fins out of fondant and painted the entire thing by hand.. I don't have a veiner, so I added the detailed with the paint. Super fun to do, it looked better in person than the pictures.
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I'm sorry! I just realized you've already finished the cake! I scrolled back up to see the pic and you did a great job!
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I did cut it out using s print out of the fish, like you suggested. icon_smile.gif
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I know its too late now but here is a fish cake I did a while back and I used the big end of a icing tip for the "scales" then just hand painted the rest.  The fin and tale were done with gumpaste and layed over toothpicks to get the scaly look.  Your Fish looks great and all that matters is that they loved it!

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