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fondant decoration

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Hi everyone..


I have a question, for how long I can keep a fondant decoration (e.g a rose) specially when I am adding a gum tex to the fondant?

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Forever and ever? Are you keeping it before putting it on cake, or taking it off a cake and keeping it as a momento?


You can make them weeks in advance before putting them on a cake and if you keep it away from direct sunlight and dust and keep them for years after taking them off.

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I want to make them ready to be used at any time, after a week, month or a year.  I mean do they expire? as the fondant itself has an expiry date.

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Well, the thing is that you're not really going to eat the flowers, and they won't go 'off' as such, so you could probably make them weeks, or even a couple of months in advance. I've had decorations in my cupboard for maybe 6 weeks before.


The only problem is that fondant + gumtex flowers get quite brittle over time, so you might pull them out to use them and find that all the petals break at the slightest touch. Gumpaste keeps better in that way, I've found. Someone might be able to tell you more.

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I did not use gum paste yet and very interested to use it.  I would probably buy a book which teaches me how to use gum paste.  I always use fondant for my decoration.


Anyway, thank you all for replying :)

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Hey, your post seems like you are really worried !!

You can keep it Forever!! :)  :)

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