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Louboutin High Heel Pump

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Hello! I am trying to make a cake with a high heel Louboutin pump on top. The customer requested it to be a closed toe pump like this:


I  have already constructed the sole and the heel. I am having trouble constructing the upper portion of the shoe. When I was just playing around doing trial and error with putting the fondant around the sole (for the upper part), it would just droop down. I cant let it harden because then i wont be able to mold it correctly to attach it to the shoe. can anyone help with tips?!?!

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You could just take some saran wrap and scrunch it up to fit inside the upper portion to hold it up long enough to dry. Once it is dry just pull it out. Good luck! 

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i thought about doing that with saran wrap. but i cant really get the saran wrap to stay in place on top of the sloped sole of the shoe.

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Sorry just want to clarify are you referring to the part of the shoe where the toes go or where the heel is? At first I thought you meant the toes but now after reading again I was thinking maybe you meant the heel portion?

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well with a pump, the entire upper portion is one continuous, connected piece. i suppose i can do it in portions..? but the shoe is white so i am not coloring the fondant, so i feel like it will be noticable if there are connnecting parts. that might be the only solution though. 

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Sorry I just realized that after I posted and looked at the picture again! Big forehead slap!! I was just looking around trying to find this one tutorial I had seen when I mad my gumpaste shoe but I couldn't find it. It suggested cutting up the cardboard from a paper towel holder and using that as a support. You may be able to try something like that in conjunction with saran wrap or even paper towels? Sorry not able to offer as much help as I thought I could. Hopefully some else can. Good luck!

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I cut up cereal boxes to make a mold for the the entire top of this Louboutin shoe, the grey side of the box, of course. Use strips of plastic wrap around the heel part to hold the gumpaste to the mold.  Good luck!

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