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Seriously get a good friend to help, use two mixers and at least eight cupcake pans. We were baking four trays a a time and got them all done in a half day. The buttercream took the longest just because of the creaming time.
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I'm ordering two 24 count muffin pans from amazon. Going to bake those bad boys 4 dozen at a time! icon_smile.gif
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Just an FYI...
You can also check with your local grocery store, they sometimes sell the containers cheaper than the cake supply stores!!!
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i had a huge order for cupcakes i was 3 different cupcakes 24 of each flavor plus i had my cousins sons birthday party that same weekend so it ended up being 96 cupcakes i baked all my cupcakes on saturday plus frosted 2 dozen for my cousins party  the order was for sunday so i spent sunday making all my buttercreams, cinomon spice cream cheese, marshmallow buttercream and chocolate buttercream.. frosted decorated all 72 in less than 2 hours i was like a mad man in the kitchen working as fast as i could it was just me and my kitchenaid mixer ( the regular one not the professional series 

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Update: my large order ended up larger than anticipated--648 cupcakes over two days, 27 dozen each day.

Wed and Thurs--I made the frosting flavors over two nights.
Friday night I took my supplies to my friend's house where I would do my baking on Saturday. Friday night I set things up and did a test bake to get a feel for her oven.
Saturday was baking day. I made the batter while a friend (who worked for a free cupcake order the week before) filled the pans with liners, filled the liners, and moved cooled cupcakes into clamshell containers.
Saturday night I put the 27 dozen for day #2 into the freezer at her house and mine.
Sunday I went back to her house and frosted the first 27 dozen.
Monday delivered batch #1 and thawed second half of the order.
Tuesday--frosted second half of Oder.
Wed--batch #2 delivered

All in all it went smoothly! Thanks for the advice!
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