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Thank you for posting that Kathleen!!
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Originally Posted by TheLoveOfSugar View Post

I'm so glad I read this post! Thanks for the good info. I bought several bags of mm the other day so I could have a "play day" with it today. I have a question (or so!) though, since the MMF needs to be microwaved before being rolled out does that mean it will harden some after being put on the cake? Or will it remain pliable and easy to chew? I have never had MMF before....I may be able to answer my own question after I make the first batch.

What about using shortening to slather on the table? I always use that when rolling out the Wilton fondant (I even add some into if it seems really dry). I only use corn starch when cutting out decorations, and have always been under the impression that powder sugar shouldn't be used for either task.

Thanks in advance! I'm just trying to get as much info together prior to attempting MMF so I don't feel overwhelmed if/when I run into trouble. I live in Jax Fl and it has been raining for days....will that effect the outcome? I know humidity does but it's less humid than normal, which is equally strange. I expect to see Noah's Ark in the next day or so if this keeps up!! Lol

Love this site!! -Nicole

Hi Nicole,

I don't find that my homemade MMF hardens, it pretty much stays pliable. I think it's all chewy though.

Also, I slather the table I am kneading and rolling it out on with solid crisco.  I also coat my hands really well, up past my wrists (ya never, making sure to get between my fingers really well.  Otherwise you spend a ton of time trying to get it off your hands.  HTH!



Army wives****Sexually deprived for your freedom***
Army wives****Sexually deprived for your freedom***
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Hi Hannascakes-

I have to say; IMHO & experience, Wilton is the absolute worst fondant you can use. I think it tastes terrible, no matter what extracts you add to it; and it handles awfully- cracks, tears and so on.

Satin Ice is a good, dependable brand. Their white fondant is creamy smooth, handles really well and has a really good, marshmallow-y flavor. I think their colored fondants often have a little bit of a bitter or chemical tinge to their taste and you have to 'doctor' the formula a bit to get it to drape properly as it always seems to be very, very soft.

Pettinice (Bakels) is another good reliable brand as far as taste and reliability. I have just discovered that adding a good amount of gum trag (Gum Tex) to the white fondant helps. It sounds crazy, but it's soooooo soft! I just did a large wedding cake; had to use Pettinice because I can purchase that locally and didn't have time to order Satin Ice (and it's ridiculously expensive at the ONE retail store near me that carries it). I did everything to the Pettinice that you're not supposed to; added gum tex AND let it sit in the fridge for a bit before rolling out! 

I also bought a large piece of vinyl, washed & disinfected it thoroughly, and used it for a fondant mat. I think that was very helpful. I loaded my hands with shortening and was able to smooth the fondant as I slowly peeled back the mat. Thank goodness the cake was white, but there was also NO room for error as the entire cake had no ornamentation that I could use to cover up a tear or other imperfection.

Hope this info helps. 


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