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How do I replicate a logo using fondant?

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I need to recreate the Moshi Monsters logo, instead changing it to the name of the child the cake is for (and possibly omitting the 'monsters' text underneath). It will still have the same colours and design of the original logo, so I am wondering if anyone has any good tips for doing this? 


I have heard of using the 'colour flow' technique but I'd rather use fondant as I believe colour flow uses royal icing which cannot be used due to egg allergies. 




Any help would be great. 




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What about doing a frozen buttercream transfer??
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How many letters are in the child's name? Will it fit easily where 'moshi' is in the logo?


I would design it either by hand or using Word art or photoshop or similar program.


Then print out the template the exact size you want it for the cake, cut it out and lay it over your rolled out fondant.  Cut out the shape with an exacto knife and then paint it with either food coloring gel mixed with vodka or use straight airbrush colors to paint with (if you have airbrush colors on hand).


I have a set of detail painting brushes reserved especially for painting food coloring and something simple like this you could definitely do painting white fondant with food coloring.


I have a lot of hand painted fondant on my cakes if you want to see what you can do with food coloring on fondant - feel free to look thru my photos. And if you have any questions - just ask! 

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You can make it on the computer using Word or a photo program and then use that as a template to cut out the fondant letters. You could make the fondant the light green color and then hand paint them using diluted food coloring.  

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Another tip, put your fondant in freezer for 5-10 minutes before you cut it with a new exacto blade. It will stretch less and have cleaner cuts icon_smile.gif
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Thanks for all the help guys. 


The frozen buttercream transfer always interested me but the cake has to be made well in advance and will have to travel a lot with it so I'd be worried a little about using it. Must try it out another time though. 


Think I'll print it out in similar font and cut it out with an exacto knife and paint it in - thanks for all the suggestions on this. 


Freezing the fondant sounds like a great idea. In general though I've always been confused about whether you can freeze fondant due to the moisture making the fondant tacky when it comes out of freezer. I hear of other people storing fondant cakes in fridge but really not sure what is best practice here. 

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I store my fondant cakes in the fridge, even my painted cakes....I've never had a problem. If your concerned you can still chill/ freeze fondant for 5 minutes or so then cut out your logo.
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