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Does anyone make and sell oreo truffles? If so, any thoughts on pricing?  What about packaging? how many would you package together? Thanks in advance :) 

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I don't know about pricing but there is a lot if packaging ideas

Just one site of many. I don't usually tell people to google because I'm more than happy to google and get a website and bring the link back here but in this instance there are tons of options the link I'm giving you is just one of many. Remember for sure to add your packaging into your price.

How many you package in a pack depends on what type packaging you buy. On the website I'm posting they have several different packages from like 4 and up. Happy Truffling icon_biggrin.gif
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I like the one truffle box second down on the left it holds I believe 3 truffles.
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Pricing will largely depend on your area (if a commercial kitchen is required to be legal, your cost and price will be higher) but market price for basic truffles will probably start around $2 each. More premium truffles can be priced higher.

If you don't have a retail storefront I wouldn't sell less than a dozen per flavor at a time. Packaging costs for anything less will drive up the price considerably.

Note that truffles are pretty easy to ship so you will probably have a lot of competition from illegal bakers selling online across your country, just something to be aware of when you do your competitive analysis.
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Thank you to everyone for your input. I will check out some of the sites for packaging :) 

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