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Best Fondant in Europe?

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Hello everyone..


I am new to Cake Central.  I would love some advice about the best fondants to use which are available online to order in Europe. 


I live in Spain, but normally order fondant online from the Uk or here in Spain.  The brand that I am mainly used to working with is Dr Oektar Royal Icing.  Its okay but have had issues when colouring bright/dark colours, and covering the cake, where is cracked.


Does anyone one know or recommend these brands, which are available online...  CREDIPASTE / FUNCAKES / RENSHAW REGALICE / WILTON.


I would very much apreciate any advice.



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I have used Covapaste and Renshaw's Regalice fondant. I prefer CovaPaste as its easy to roll, not sticky or stretchy, and is quick drying - an advantage if your covering a cake at short notice!  It might also be more suited to the warmer climate in Spain perhaps. Google it - there are lots of suppliers selling it on-line in the UK and Ireland,


Renshaw's Regalice on the other hand is okay but  I have had the odd bad batch once too often! However I would recommend Renshaws;s Regalice white almond paste - the best ever!


Hope this helps!

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I have used the ready coloured Renshaw's in black and I found it really greasy and softer to work with compared with the dr Oetker regal ice...but I knew I would never get a true dark colour trying to colour it myself.

They are the only brands I've used...(I tend to use supermarket own brand nowadays).  Good luck.

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