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Craftsy class - Vintage cakes

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Has anyone taken this class? I'm considering taking this class and using the filigree technique for my daughter's baptism cake - how difficult/time consuming is this technique? Is the filigree something that could possibly be done ahead of time? Just wondering because I stay at home with my kids (2.5 and 11 weeks) so doing a super involved cake isn't doable right now, but I also want it to be elegant! The more I can do ahead of time the better. Here's the link to the class:


Just wanting feedback! Thanks!!!

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I have taken this class and enjoyed it, lots of different techniques. The filigree cage can be made beforehand as it is made from royal icing. Just make sure you store in a safe place as it will be fragile. HTH.

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Great! Thank you! How exactly do you do the filigree? Is it just piping freehand, or is there a picture underneath you pipe over?

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Colette Peters does give a pattern of the rose cage in her course materials which is placed under wax paper and then piped.

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This is an old thread I know, but I'm wondering if anybody Could say Its a good buy? I requested a refund from the a piece of cake class, I just found it completely out of step with my style. Nothing on her it just wasn't helpful to me.

Vintage cakes looks good but I don't trust reviews on craftsy. Although I did see one forms fellow CC member who I do trust. Can anybody back it up?
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If you like the vintage look  this is a good class and if you do fondant cakes.

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Yeah I went ahead and purchased it...pleased so far!
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