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Cake flour??

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All new eggless recipes I'm going to try has 'All Purpose flour' in it but can I use cake flour instead of all purpose just to get lighter & less dense cake since its eggless? Will it make a good difference? And if so how should I alter the recipe from All Purpose to Cake flour??

Thx in advance.

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as far as i was told cake flour has less glutton in it. so you can still use it. did you end up making the eggless cake? i am looking for an eggless cake. let me know if it works out!
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You should use BLEACHED all purpose flour if the recipe calls for it. Cake flour may be too soft and this comes out as a gloppy unrisen cake NOT a light cake.


Unbleached all purpose flour makes great pasta and bread, therefore not good cake unless you  are adding lots of buttermilk, sour cream, cream cheese or yogurt.  I make many such cake recipes without eggs, and they come out light and fine grained and tender. The combination of fresh baking powder and acid is enough to make a cake light if you do not overmix.


Please post a specific recipe because it is impossible to give useful specific advice without it.   


In the most general case, a lighter cake results from weighing the flour because that takes out the variations in packing. has many cake recipes giving both volume and weight measuring.

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