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I have recently been encouraged by my friend to start taking orders for my cakes. I always did them as a favor but honestly I'm getting tired of the favor. I never had a concern of how many people a cake fed because I did it free of charge.

I am under the impression that:
8" serves 15
10" serves 30
12” serves 45
Quarter sheet 13-inches x 9-inches 20
Half sheet 12-inches x 18-inches 40
3/4 sheet 18-inches x 18-inches 60
Full sheet 18-inches x 30-inches 80

Please correct me if I am wrong.... Also.....

What what do you charge for buttercream per slice?
Do you charge extra for fillings?
As for Fondant- What do you charge? and do you charge per slice? per figure?

I make my own MMF so its always fresh and delish.... (I have no problem using it for my flowers and such as I use tylose powder and it works GREAT!)