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First fondant creation

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I've never worked with fondant before, but since my daughters bday is coming up, I decided to start practicing, because I want to make a CRAZY COOL cake for her

I made marshmallow fondant - I absolutely dislike the taste of regular fondant, and taste means more to me than looks so I was happy with todays results (because they tasted awesome)

Anyway, my plan for her cake is to make a chubby cartoon character on top of the cake from her favorite show (one piece - if any of you are familiar, it will be luffy eating, classic moment lol), but I don't have any ball shaped pans, or ovensafe bowls, so I had to improvise and try something else out... I thought about carving, but the thought of wasting cake (though it probably wouldn't go to waste, thered be plenty of volunteers to eat it) isn't very appealing to me

I decided to make the cakes in a cupcake pan, and turned two cupcakes facing each other (close enough!)

Here's a picture of a few animals I made (not luffy yet, didn't want to ruin the surprise, especially before I got my practice in)
I can point out 101 things that need improvement, so I know it's a work in progress - I just wanted to share my experience, I feel good about it

Please don't mind the mess in the back lol

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cute!  You could also use Rice krispies treats as well!

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Awwwwww, I think you did a great job, they look yummy to me.

 I have a fondant phobia...(shudders just thinking about it),lol.

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