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Zombie Cake with Squirting/Oozing blood

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Im going to be making a 3D Zombie cake (upper bust and head).

I need the cake to have some sort of a fake blood pack inserted into the forehead of the zombie. The parents of the birthday girl will know where to cut/stab the cake - but it will be a surprise to the bday girl ('The Walking Dead' movie fan & of course the only way to kill a zombie is to the head - haha).


I have an idea as to how to do it but was wondering if others had any input.

I'll be using modeling chocolate or 50/50 modeling choc/fondant for most of the covering.

I was thinking of putting fake blood in a snack size ziplock bag between the outside of the cake and the modeling choc. Maybe freeze the blood in a flat layer to be easier to place it?? Im going to need to work on the consistancy of the blood too - i dont want the fake blood to squirt too much so as to not ruin her clothes!!


So I'm open to any ideas!




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Does anyone have any thoughts/ideas????

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It kinda sounds like you have it under control:)
Is there something specific you need ideas on?
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Well if you were presented with this request how would you do it??

I'm just looking for others thoughts really.


Was wondering if this has this ever been done?

What liquid was used?

What kind of bag/container would others use?


I just tried corn syrup with coloring - it didnt freeze!!

So right now i have strawberry syrup (for strawberry milk) in the freezer - waiting to see if it freezes.

It has a great color & consistancy so i hope it works.



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Faced with the same problem! I have a cake order middle of next month that is a zombie cake that has to "ooze". The customer asked for it do ooze green since zombies don't have blood? I have no clue, not into the whole zombie thing! Now tell me you want a sparkly vampire cake and I know exactly what to do! Lol any suggestions would be appreciated. And no your corn syrup won't's the type of material it is.
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I would hallow out and area in the head ( ice cream scoop size) crumb coat it with BC then a layer of fondant to make a pocket fill with your fake blood place a slice of cake over to cover then crumb coat as usual then fondant/modeling chocolate.

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For my finished project, after I molded the rice krispie head, I cut out a hole in the forehead - angled upwards so it would ooze out better. Then I coated the inside with melted chocolate to seal it & sealed up all but a small opening just enough for a syringe to squirt in the strawberry syrup & finished sealing with melted chocolate. Customer said it worked great - I guess it looked like it's nose was bleeding too!


So for green just use watered down corn syrup -colored green??  Don't they make a green syrup for drinks??


Good luck!

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I'm also making a zombie cake do u guys know any tutorials on how I would build bake and decorate I know a lot of the cake is luster dust painted and extremely jus what colors to make the pale skin what colors to make it dirty looking ect
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Dark olives, blacks, and dark reds.  Peachy and white mixed for skin, maybe a tiny bit of dark green

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Just so you know, if it is edible blood, the kind you can get in the Halloween section, it almost always comes out of clothes just fine.  Trust me, I know, lol.

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