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Oklahoma Home Bakers Bill

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Was signed into law by the Governor today! It's taken years, but come November, it will
finally be legal to bake at home in Oklahoma!!
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Really!!!! More info please
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There's a huge thread on this on the Oklahoma Sugar Show site, and Kerry is not at all pleased by this.  She doesn't believe in home bakers :-)

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Yes, I read her comments made to a local tv station. Really, was quite insulting and I've lost a bit of respect for her.


The law is simple and straight forward. No inspections or licenses needed. Have to have income of under 20k per year and no fresh fruit or meat and that's about it.

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I read all the comments as well..not impressed
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Just took a look at her facebook page- wow, she's really livid about the tv interview that was done at her workshop. I'll just never understand why professional bakers who are talented beyond most of our dreams are so threatened by home bakers.

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I can only wish for the same to be done where I am but I know it is not going to happen.

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That's exactly what I said about Oklahoma, but some hard working, dedicated people never gave up. I was so sure it would never happen I built a licensed bakery on my property a few years ago.

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What's funny is that she and other "licensed bakers" are willing to take the $$$ of us home bakers who attend these workshops. icon_wink.gif I'm so thankful for those hard working dedicated people who never gave up. icon_biggrin.gif

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That's just what I was thinking! I am licensed, have a separate building we renovated a few years ago so really, this bill doesn't affect me as far as being able to bake. But it does mean I don't have to meet the ridiculous regulations anymore or pay fees to the state any more! Woohoo! This notion that somehow cakes baked at home are unsafe is ludicrous. You know how many times I get "inspected" each year? ONCE- when it's time to renew the license. And they call before they come out. lol For all they know I have mice doing a hula dance on the counters while I'm baking. Being licensed means nothing as far as the health and safety of the public.


She even complains  because licensed bakeries were not "informed" that this bill was pending. WTH??? Who do they think they are that the legislature of Oklahoma is supposed to personally notify them??? Somebody thinks they're just a little more important than they really are. ;) I found out about the bill because I pay attention to what is going on in my state government. I watched live feeds of the senate and house. I read the news. No one "informed" me either. I informed myself.


Seriously done with professional tv cake stars.

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Bashing on the OK show or Ms. Vincent will not be allowed here.  If opinions can be stated without the personal attacks then I will allow this thread to continue.


Also, no posting people's comments that are not here to defend themselves.  Those have been deleted.

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I'm sure there are a lot of established bakeries furious over the bill passing, they lobbied against this for years because they're afraid of the competition. Finally the little guy wins one! Congrats to those who worked so hard to get this done!!

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can somebody please just clarify this to me, or direct me to a link where I can read more? I am about to rent a commercial kitchen so that I could legaly bake and sell my cakes. I have the other parts covered, the insurance, the tax ID and so on, just needed a health department inspected kitchen. Does this mean I can just start baking and selling out of my own home kitchen without them inspecting it? sorry for stupid question, i just want to make sure I am reading it right. I did sign the petition months ago for the cottage food law to pass, so does this means we actually got it passed?

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I'm looking for the same information. My understanding is that it does not take affect until November 1st, I would appreciate more info as well
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It's pretty simple and straightforward. No inspections, no fees or licenses. The only limit is a 20k gross income limit. It goes into effect Nov 1. If you go to the Oklahoma legislature website and search hb 1094, you can read the entire bill.
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