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New at fondant cake

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Hi all
I am a new at doing fondant cake ,I like to start making that kind of cake ,so please can anybody help me about my Q.
1: which kind of cake I have to make and cover it by fondant after ,pound cake is the best ?
2: is there any advice I have to keep it in my mind to get a successful fondant cake ?

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Hi, I'm sure more experienced and knowledgeable folks can give you more advice, but just to set the ball rolling:


I would say just about any kind of cake can be used under fondant except from really fragile cakes like chiffon cakes.  If you're just starting you probably want to start with a reasonably sturdy cake until you get your confidence up.  Obviously carved cakes require a sturdier structure.


I think the biggest thing for me when starting out was learning how to properly crumb coat and smooth the fondant.


There is a great free tutorial on Craftsy about basic buttercream skills but I found it helpful for how to tort, crumbcoat and prepare a cake for fondant.  There are several great tutorials on youtube about how to apply and smooth the fondant to give a professional look.


Have fun, and don't be afraid to experiment!

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Oh dear lizzie thanks for that , it is make me up
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So can u give which kind of cake will be the best ?
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Can any body point me about the bast cake under a fondant ?
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Do you bake from scratch or box mixes?  How much experience do have at baking?  Perhaps a basic sponge for starters?


There are many different recipes here, but I use:


3 eggs

3oz butter

3oz caster sugar

6oz Self raising flour

Beat together sugar and butter until pale and creamy, beat in eggs one at a time, add in flour and mix until combined.  Bake at 180C for 25-30mins.  Leave to cool.


You can leave it as is or slice it in two and fill with raspberry jam.  Cover with a coating of buttercream and then apply fondant.


Let me know how you get on!

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Lizzie thanks very much I like this one it seems good but can u explain to me about oz. I donot know how much does it mean in cup ?
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Sorry - oz is short for ounces.  Over here we usually weigh our ingredients as it is so much more accurate and less messy.  You can put any quantities into Google and it will convert it into whatever you require, although I don't know how well this recipe would work.  If you have scales why don't you try measuring the ingredients?

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