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Cake Price?

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Looking for some suggestions on how much people would charge or pay for this cake? It is homemade cake, covered in homemade marshmallow fondant and is all edible. It feeds about 30 people. Thank you in advance. Pictures are in my profile.
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It depends on your costs for ingredients, labor, and overhead (insurance, license fees, etc.) as well as the market price in your area. If you are baking at home don't forget to take into account the costs of complying with the rules of your local health dept.

I didn't see any picture but custom cakes with fondant are typically in the $3-8/serving range.
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Had trouble adding the pictures, but they are now added. I just made this one at home for a friend and was wondering what everyone would sell or buy i for. I have made a few fancy cakes but by no means am I a professional. I was thinking of beginning to make them for people by word of mouth, but haven't figured out how to come up with a cost.

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As Jason had mentioned pricing cakes depends on your ingredients , time it took to make the cake and cost of your overhead fees .

You are suppose to have a licensed and inspected kitchen to sell baked goods from your home. It also depends on where you live the cost of pricing a cake differs from region to region that's where Jason gets the price of anywhere from $3-8 per severing.
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Since it's a 3D cake, the price will typically start in the $250-300 range for a similar cake with professional execution, may be as high as $400-500 depending on the details involved.

Where are you located? Other people in your area may be able to help with market value.
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Vicksburg mississippi.
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