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theres the link to intrusction on how to play the videos 
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On the home page, you can scroll down to "Access Our Free Tutorials Here" or click "Courses" at the top of the page, then "Free Tutorials".
Both will take you to Linda's class & Kaysie Lackey's mini lesson on making a fondant bow...
Click the little pink box FREE, next to Linda's listing, not the actual video there, it's only a minute long clip...
Then click LAUNCH...
From there, you'll be taken to the "Layering & Filling" on the left-hand side, to start the first lesson...
Continue down, one after another.
You have to be logged in, of course...and if you ever want to re-watch it,  just click "My Courses", it'll be right there for you.
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i posted the link for the instructions but they must have deleted it?

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Thanks to all the posters in this tread for the great tips and info on ganache! I came out of my comfort zone recently and started using ganache under fondant, and would NOT go back to buttercream!!! No comparison regards to the smooth velvety texture and fantastic flavour of ganache!!!  Practice makes perfect!

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That's very strange... When I posted how to locate and watch the videos, I was replying right after auntginn... AnimalGirl91, your 2 posts after her now, weren't there?? Must be a site glitch... In any case, I hope everyone who wanted to access the videos was able to.
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I think I might have gotten it to work this time. Although I did not do anything differently than what I did before - the website just seems to actually direct me to the right video this time.

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