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Thank you for you're replies. I know I shouldn't get depressed over it but it actually feels like a nightmare! The boot was of a small car but spacious enough for the cake to fit in. It was because of the accident the cake fell. annabakescakes, I will definatley look in to making a contract like the one you mentioned. But at the moment I feel like I don't want to do this anymore icon_sad.gif , I put so much hardwork and effort in to the cake and it was all for nothing. What upsets me most is that no one would care how much effort you have put in to something, all they see is the end result and there is nothing you can do about it..

Was it too hot in there? Yes, the exact thing happened to me, but my air conditioner was on the fritz, making the cake too warm, but it this idiot hadn't pulled out in front of me, it would not have fallen. But since it was warm, it damaged it more than it would have if it were cooler. The supports collapsed, and the cake turned to mush!


I understand about not wanting to do it ever again, but if you change your mind, make sure that if you have to drive with it in the boot, freeze it for about an hour, or more, depending on size. Freezing it won't damage it, it just makes it so much sturdier! I have figured out that things warm faster than they cool, (duh, lol) so if you freeze it for an hour, you have about half an hour for it to stay chilled and secure. I have been freezing all my wedding cakes before I move them, since my 4 tier fell. It just makes me feel so much better to have a hard cake that doesn't move.


Just don't touch it, if it is getting condensation on it. It will dry to a proper finish, before the gusts arrive, but fingerprints will be there forever!

Beginners, be sure to parrot advice and get your post count up as fast as you can. After all, it's not what you know, it's what people THINK you know.
Beginners, be sure to parrot advice and get your post count up as fast as you can. After all, it's not what you know, it's what people THINK you know.
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Let me ask you this...if this had happened to a friend of yours...or your own kid...would you encourage them to hang it all up and quit because something happened that was beyond your control? 


I gave up the idea of doing wedding cakes after my fiasco but not any other kind of cake!  And I eventually did a small wedding cake so that fear is gone. 


Feel bad about it, complain about it, get mad about it, but get over it!   Learn from it and go back to doing what you love.  It's only 'all for nothing' if you never try again. 

If I am ever on life support, unplug me...

Then plug me back in.  See if that works!


If I am ever on life support, unplug me...

Then plug me back in.  See if that works!

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Wise words carmijok I share your sentiments
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I so sympathize with you -- hasn't happened to me yet, but I certainly dread the thought. You absolutely did the right thing, however. Even if your own personal Bridezilla was ticked off because you didn't kill yourself so that her single day in time was flawless, she's SO not worth you leaving your dream! If you know you were driving responsibly, just let it go:  it wasn't your fault and these things can happen to ANYONE.


Meanwhile, however, for you and for others on this forum (I'm very new here), would you please explain why you prefer to deliver multi-tiered wedding cakes already assembled? Since you're going to the site personally (as opposed to handing the job over to a delivery person), why not take the cake with each tier packaged separately and assemble on site? Isn't that likely to be less catastrophic should a fender-bender happen?


Chin up! Give yourself a week to grieve and then move past it.

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Oh my dear, don't worry!  It happens to the best of us!  Even the Ace of Cakes himself, Duff Goldman!

I delivered a fancy cake last summer to a venue, and everything seemed great!

However, when I took the cake in boxes out of the car and headed inside, I noticed that my pretty icing had SLID almost OFF THE CAKE!!!


It was supposed to have a smoothly iced base, with a wide ribbon around the base of each tier.

I ended up smoothing the icing up and doing "C" scrolls where it was supposed to be smooth. 



I later explained to the bride what had happened, and luckily for me, she had been a repeat customer twice over and knew my cakes tasted great, so she wasn't too upset on the last minute design change!


I however was mortified!


All you can do is offer either a full refund or (and this is obviously if it is NOT a wedding cake) offer the next cake for free.


I have done a refund before when the red icing on a white cake bled all over the place.

It was supposed to be a baseball.....


Best wishes on future cakes, and just chock it up to a learned experience and DON'T let it hold you back!!

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I think everyone has a couple fail cakes but I truly believe we learned from mistakes. I had a 3 tier square wedding cake and when i was driving a dowel slipped and it was lopsided but nothing i could do i was so upset and still think about it 3 yrs later but i know when they look bak at their wedding they wont think of a lopsided cake bc even grocery store sheet cakes look beautiful to people, we cant be such a critic of our own work because to the average eye they wont even notice or remember. Hope this helps keep up the good work icon_smile.gif
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