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Friday Night Cake Club 4/13/13

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Opening up another session of the FNCC! Everyone is welcome each Friday night! This is a place to share what you are working on this week, ask for help if you need it or help someone else if you can! 



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Hi everyone!


Long day today working on my grandson's 2nd Birthday cake. He is a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse fan..ok, super fan...and has loved Mickey Mouse since he was about 4 months old. I can NOT wait for him to see this cake!




The cake is lemon cake with lemon curd butter cream filling. Covered in MMF and Duff's fondant. Except for Mickey and the skewers, everything is edible. I'm exhausted but I can't wait for him to see this tomorrow!



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Cute cake.  Working on a baby shower cake.  Poundcake - first time I ever made them.  Made an 6" to test and it is very tasty.  Now have to figure out what filling for it.  Flavorings in the cake are 3:1 vanilla:lemon.  Very faint lemon taste in my test cake.  Person that ordered the cake just requested the pound cake and didn't cake about the icing/filling. 


Any suggestions?

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Lemon filling has always been a popular one for my clients but a berry filling works very well too. My favorite pairing is lemon with raspberry so since your pound cake has a lemon taste to it then the raspberry might be the way to go!



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Mmmmm.... Raspberry sounds yummy! It's been a LONG week at my other job...middle school science teacher. The kids (and me) are ready for summer break! We have 2 birthday cakes this weekend a gymnastics cake and an owl cake...still in pieces right now.....icon_sad.gif
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Lemon curd...yeeermmmm

I got my new cake stand from smart baker and set it up. Now I'm working on the 8 doz cuppies to fill it up!
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Hi everyone, hope the week has been kind to you.  This is a lousy photo, I know, but unfortunately I didn't discover that until the cookies were eaten.  Too late to get a new one.  These are the sheep bickies that I was playing with last weekend.  The ones from the CC tutorial went quite well, though my icing could have been a bit stiffer to hold the shape of the shell better.  The other bickies were made using my new kopycake projector.  Not real impressed at this stage as it keeps blowing the light globes.  The company has been great but I think I am going to try ordinary globes and just use it in the dark and see how I go.  Next time I will use a smaller tip to outline and maybe make the icing a tiny bit stiffer,



as the next morning the outlines had spread quite a bit as you can see.  The face in the middle was because my globes had blown and I just did it freehand as I was feeling very annoyed.

This week my new Agbay arrived and I love it.  I have made a coconut lime cake, split it into 4, and sandwhiched it with lime cream cheese filling.  It is in the fridge with a vanilla butter cream crumb coat, waiting to set.  Have not decided what to do with it yet but it will be something quite simple.  I know, I'm a lot weird but I just loved seeing all those perfectly cut slices of cake on the bench.  The precision thrills me.

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Ella, I simply love your new stand. I have to say that I have a real weakness for cake stands. I have about 20 and I'd happily have over a hundred if I could, A: talk my husband into it and B: have enough room for them! LOL!  And lemon curd butter cream is so good I, seriously, could just eat a full bowl of it like a dessert pudding! LOL!


Biscuiteater: Two cakes in one week are a bit overwhelming to me. Fortunately mine were broken up by several days so it wasn't so bad this week. We, too, are SOOOO ready for summer break. I have a 12 year old and can NOT wait for this year to be done! 


Cazza...those sheep are simply adorable! I have to hand it to the cookie makers on here. Just not my forte and I'm always impressed with those who can do them like you do!



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Cat, that cake is adorable! cazza, those are some seriously cute lamb cookies!


I'm wiped out. Last week I did a Bridal Festival (good experience, still don't know if it will be worth it money-wise). Here's a picture of my booth...




THIS weekend, I am participating in a photo shoot planned by a local wedding planner. I am re-doing the trio of cakes in the second picture in the colors of the shoot, which is peach, teal, gold, and ivory. All I have left to do in the morning is attach the new flowers.


My business is really tiny, just a hobby, really. From the beginning, I decided that I wouldn't do more than 1 cake a week. Now I think I won't do any on back to back weekends. Between getting ready for these 2 events and my full time job, I've been working 7 days a week for the past 3 or 4 weeks.

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Elcee! So pretty! I'd love to see a close up of the pink one! I love the shape and the "not the ordinary cake" look of it! And, yes, Bridal Faires are a toss up for me. On one hand my work IS getting out there but on the other, I rarely make any money from them. SIGH.



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Elcee....I would like to see a close up of the pink one too....That looks interesting....

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Cat and biscuiteater, I posted that one here. I made it for the Sweet Times in the Rockies Cake Show in Denver this past February. I just brought it because I had it; it got A LOT of attention at the bridal fair!!&

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OOOOHHHHHH.....LOVE!  Great job.  thumbs_up.gif

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WOW! I totally LOVE that one. I love that it's not your "usual" shaped cake, and not your usual decoration of a cake. Just love it!

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Good evening all, I'm a little late and behind schedule.  Isn't it funny how we seem to procrastinate when we think we don't have much to do.  This week I have 2 birthday cakes.  A strawberry shortcake for a 3yr old and the Chocolate Peanut Butter Mudd Cake for my friend.  And yes I'm behind schedule.  Seemed like everybody called tonight to catch up.


Cat the cake is adorable, If my grandbaby saw it she would go wild. She is a fan also.

Ella - Ooohhhh, love that stand.

Cazza - cute cookies

Elcee - those are beautiful!! I would be wiped out too after a bridal show.  I have a love hate relationship with them.


Back to my cakes.

Virginia 323.253.8213
He is the man of my dreams, my prince; He gives me the desires of my heart, He completes me. His name is Jesus
Virginia 323.253.8213
He is the man of my dreams, my prince; He gives me the desires of my heart, He completes me. His name is Jesus
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