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CK Hard Candy Mold

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OK...  So I've been experimenting with different molds for Jems and using the Isomalt sticks.  Today, I tried a CK jewel design breakup mold.  It has a shiny finish and I thought it would make a shinier jewel.  The problem was that it stuck in the mold.  Only afterwords did I notice the instruction of "use oiled molds".  My question is....  can I just spray on some veggie oil?? Or do I need to use something else? 


Thank you!

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Yes, you can spray on, wipe on, or brush on.  Canola oil is flavorless and works well. 


Once you have it on, wipe the mold with a lintless cloth--Viva paper towels are good in that department.  This makes sure that the edges and details remain crisp.

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And with those breakup molds don't be fooled into thinking that they'll really break evenly. Try not to fill the cavities to the top because it's a heck of a lot easier to remove the jewels if they're not stuck to each other.

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