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CAKETAILS (cupcake cocoktai)

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Hey everyone, this is my first post so please bare with me if i do something wrong!


im Jadie Cakes and im from the uk, i own a small cake/catering business and i have just recenly started to seel CAKETAILS which im sure you guys have herd of, but ust encase you havnt they are alcoholic cupcakes baked into margarita glasses.


a local pub has just asked me if i would like to sell them to them at a reduced cost so we can both make some money. 


so im wondering if any of you know how long alcoholic cupcakes last and the best way to store them once they are baked in the glasses? 


im not sure how to paste a picture so here is the link to my caketail page from my website so you can see exactly what they are


Thank you all :) xx

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I'm not sure how long they would last.  Honestly you should just do some experimenting.  If you use a lot of alcohol to soak them, they might last a while.  I would wrap them with plastic wrap or put a plastic bag over each one and secure it with a rubber band to keep it from drying out.

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I would be using 125ml of alcohol per glass, I really don't know how long they would last with a normal sponge recipe x
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I would just try it out.  Bake a batch and give it a go.  Each day do a taste and see how they are. 

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