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I have just bought some clikstix letter cutters.  Rolled out some thin fondant dusted slightly with cornflour.  They cut like tappits but they push out the letters.  I bought the groovy ones which looked great.  The customer was so impressed and I was so relieved they worked!  They weren't very expensive and I also bought the numbers as well.  I think they are a great investment.  I made the letters ahead to take the worry out of it. I'm all for the easy option.  

Hi mummybear, I have a few of the Tappits and was thinking of getting the Clikstix (I was eyeing the Groovy ones icon_smile.gif).. Would you say they are easier to use than the Tappits? Took me awhile to get used to the Tappits, with a lot of frustrating attempts along the way. - do come by for a visit!


Reply - do come by for a visit!