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I am a former quilter, and the same advice goes for cakes as for quilts. I made some quilts that I thought were full of errors and wanted to rip them up. others saw them and were totally impressed - they didn't see the mistakes I could see, all they saw was a perfect quilt. so take a step back, look at the cake, and try to see it thru others' eyes, and appreciate the job you have done!
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I made my sons wedding cake last summer...and I was so worried that his bride and her family were going to be disappointed or even think my cake was silly since the bride told me she wanted me to surprise her.  She didn't want the cake to look like a wedding cake...and she didn't want it stacked or to be in tiers.  My sons famous words were..."Mom if we wanted a wedding cake we could pay buy one...but we want your cake." 


HUMMM...what to do?  Stupidly I thought why not make a tall tower...1 tier Garden Cake Buttercream flowers all over the sides.  My inspiration was from the UK of all places...LOL! turned out close to what I wanted...but I thought it should be more like a wedding cake.  I was so depressed thinking about the brides family seeing my "surprise".  I figured no matter what my soon to be DIL said...she probably did want a "wedding cake"...but she thought my son didn't want one. 


I guess I was being too critical, because the bride loved it and my son was so happy that I didn't care what her family thought.  Best part of it all...I didn't have to worry about someone paying me for something they didn't want. 

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