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Any tips on making this cake please??

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This deer cake looks very impressive and the baker has posted some good instructions but I wanted to run it by the forum and see if I could get any tips on making the head/snout part please. So the extended snout is the board and there must be 2 6" round cakes carved at a slant for the nose? Any advice please? TIA!!


This is what the baker wrote - All cake except for fondant antlers. It is kindof difficult to describe how it was done, but I will try. The neck is an upside down doll pan. I placed dowel rods in this then cut a board for the snout and head to sit on top. The head and snout are carved from 6" round cakes put together. I made the antlers way ahead of time with fondant so that they had time to dry hard. The ears are also fondant. The rest is just buttercream icing.

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I would actually maketo snout out of rice crispy treats and cover it with modeling chocolate as if you do it with cake that could become too complicated..the antlers you can easily do with modeling chocolate too as I found it too be much easier to work with than fondant. Cute cake good luck:)
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I don't particularly like working with RKT.... always collapses on me and I hate doing sculpted cakes. I was going to say I am not available that day to refuse this order, but I found this cake that said it was made out of all cake and the description said it was just a doll pan and 2 6" cakes.


Any tips on doing it in cake would be greatly appreciated. Or else I'll just refuse this :)

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Anyone please?

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Hello fcakes, I've never carved a cake before but I'll try to help. I think that the snout is resting on a wooden board cut to the shape of the snout to support it. The wooden board will be held by a PVC tube. There will be a whole the same width as the PVC tube on the far end of the head which will be bolted on. You will them paint it so nor wooden shards will end up in your cake. Something like this: but obviously different shapes Hope this helps
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Know all of this from the crafty bobble head class ( very food class!). Might be a simpler way to do it but I can't see how the cake will be supported any other way, unless you go the rice Krispy treats way
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Ok here goes.

Turn the doll cake so that the larger part is on. Ottom stake it with dowels that stick up a few inches. This will support the 6" cakes you will be putting onto it. The cut a large cake board to the shape of the snout and rounded at the back to fit the 6" rounds. It will be kind of shaped like a gourd if you will. Stack you two rounds onto the board. And crave them into the shape of the head. With the remainders you could "piece together" the snout of simply smash it up add some frosting to make a cake pop "dough" mold it into the snout shape put on cake board that is protruding from the base of cake frost and voila one very wonderfully put together deer cake icon_wink.gif

If you didn't want to make the cake pop dough you could just make one additional cake and. Are it into the snout shape. I would add a dowel protruding from the snout inserted into the bust of the deer for additional support. Definitely make the antlers waaaaay ahead of time so they can be completely hardened.

Good luck
Any questions email me as I don't come to the forums daily
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