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Cupcake Display at Farmers' Market

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I will be selling cupcakes at a local farmers' market this year. I was looking on the internet for a display case but they are so expensive. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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I have all mine pre boxed, and use elevated small cloche stands to display one of each flavor.
Like this one,

I do know that one of our local restaurant supply places sells used ones sometimes, at a pretty decent discount, you could check with places like that.
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As scrumdiddy says she does hers, this is how I have seen them displayed.

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I am in the same situation as you,Scrumptious16, trying a Farmer's Market this year. 


I am going to pre-pack my cupcakes in 4 holed clamshells, but also plan on putting individuals for sale on a stand, under a dome. I found the stand and dome (sold separately) at  They haven't arrived yet, so I can't comment further on them, but they did get good reviews and I have seen cuppies displayed this way.  


Good luck!

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I'd been to several farmers market in several continents and this is what I see , all cupcakes were displayed in a closed wrapped around glass case. They look scrumptious and mouth watering display, there's a lot of people milling around, and you want to protect your product. I will not buy cupcakes that are not protected well.
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Did you try making a foam display?

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Have you considered using a cake dummy display and using it for cupcakes? You can have a cylinder center and have the foam disks spread out so you have room to put your cupcakes on. Just a thought! It is cheap, reusable and lightweight. 

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