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Suggestion on how to do this cake

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Hi everyone, I'm new to this. I have to make this cake on next week for a baby shower. Do I need to make the top layer in a topsy turvy pan. And how do I make the fish. Any suggestions on how to do this came and the pan sizes anyone, thanks
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I suggest making them with fondant.  OR if you want just thicken up your b'cream by adding more powdered sugar until it is clay-like consistency.  It might get dry and crumble - that's why using fondant is better.

As for what size pans to use that will depend on how many servings you need.  It can be made in several sizes.  I'd use a 4, 5 or 6" round fror the hat - you will need 4-6  layers - depending on how tall you want the had and again, how many servings.  The bottom tier looks to be a 10x4" cake.

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Thanks kakeladi..I will try making the fish with gum paste or fondant. I never used gum paste and want to see can I use it better than fondant. Do you know if it is a tutorial on here on how to make a topsy turvy cake?
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This is a fairly complicated cake. There is lots of hand painting, some carving, special internal structure for the extra tall top tier, fondant molding, etc. If you are a cake beginner, as it seems from your post, it will be rather challenging. If you are going to attempt it I really suggest making as much as possible in advance to help with timing. The fish, trees, and banners could all be made in advance and probably should me made early so they have time to harden. I would hand mold the fish and carve the top tier. It's hard to tell from the pic but it looks like they might be 6" and 9" cakes. I wish you good luck.
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Google "how to make a topsy turvy cake utube" there are tons if videos on how to make topsy turvy cakes
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Using gumpaste will result in a *VERY!* hard final product.  And y ou will have to work verry fast to make them.  Fondant is much more forgiving.  It dries slower so you can work with it  and it doesn't dry rock har4d!

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