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Cupcake/cake stand

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Im looking for reccomendations for a cupcake stand (where I can also place a small cake on the top tier).


I have looked at two websites..


(seems sturdy which i love and easy to clean..but pricey)


and another one..


(better price...but wondering if i have to worry about stability and placing a cake on the top tier.)


Are there any others?

I dont really need a huge one..just 2-3 tiers...and  ideally one where i can expand tiers when needed.

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This one looks ok and is an ok price

It looks like its sitting on a silver cake stand that I'm sure isn't included.
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I'm not sure if this I one can be made smaller or not but its reasonablely priced and free shipping.
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Get the clear acrylic stand, it will last forever and you can adjust the size you need.  I have a 5 tier and I love it. That one you showed is just cardboard and is $41? can get the acrylic that will last forever way cheaper on Ebay...good luck!!

JSK Confections
JSK Confections
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Well I looked into this myself because I need one for a graduation party and I need it squared and for 50 cupcakes. So I will be making my own out of cardboard. You can make it out of an empty boy an cut it to your needs or simply used the cardboards from michaels the ones you use as cake base. For the middle support I will be using candle holder I found at the dollar store. Put a lace in the theme of the party colors. Check out the how to make cupcake stands in YouTube they have plenty great ideas. :) hope this helps

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I just bought this one.


I love it. It is very versatile.You can add tiers and change ribbon colors to match your theme. You can add tiers for cake pops. It is well made. It might be a little expensive, but I believe you get what you pay for

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I like this one!

Everyday is a cake day My Cupcake Blog -
Everyday is a cake day My Cupcake Blog -
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Hi I am new to the site and I have no idea how to post a question.. I need some tips on how to make a foundant angel. Any ideas? Thank you icon_smile.gif
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