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Month old royal icing

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Sooo in the beginning of March I made a batch of royal icing to decorate cookies for my own baby shower. It was my first time decorating cookies and went pretty well. I did have some left over RI that I just left in an airtight container in the refrigerator (I used meringue powder not sure which brand)

Now I'd like to make some more cookies, really just as samples. I have no plans on anyone eating them being that I live alone. And have NO sweet tooth. I just like to make the sweets, not eat em!! Weird huh??

But anywho... My question is, will my month old RI still work the same? Flood same? Dry the same? I know I might need to rewhip it, and maybe add powder sugar... I'd just rather not waste my time with it if it definitely won't work. PLEASE someone let me know.. Anyone use old RI for sample/picture purposes only???

Here's a pic of the cookies I did for my baby boys shower...
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Ya it should work. Re whip but don't add more powdered sugar. I have used royal icing kept nearly a month. Didn't give me any trouble if I whipped it properly.
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It should work. The consistency might be different but you can always add water or powdered sugar. Whip it first and see icon_smile.gif
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Thanks for replying!!
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No problem! Happy decorating! icon_smile.gif
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