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Nicolas Lodge Gumpaste recipe

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i made the nicolas lodge gumpast with a tylose  and did great but now i bouth the CK tylose powder and this time did not do right  all gooey  is  the tylose  is it a weeker kind tylose? as if i needed a lot more in seemed to get a little better?


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I have used the Ck tylose and had no problems.

Is it  possible that you didn't beat the egg white and sugar until it forms soft peaks and is shiny before adding the tylose? 

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I did till soft peek they where falling over and was still shinny
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You need to add the sugar until the royal is actually just dry to the touch , I then add the tylose and shortening and knead it in for a good ten minutes or until it is smooth and elastic. 


Then I wrap well and refrigerate it overnight , then portion it up next day into small lots and freeze them. 

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ok so just did not beat it long enof? it needs to be stiff peaks then?
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I have sent you a link to Edna de la Cruz' recipe, she says soft peak stage and shiny then add tylose.


Jaqueline butler in her class let the mixture beat until peak stood stiff.


The last I did that and ended up with a very stiff paste, it was a little hard on the hands. I suggest trying out just a little with 1 or 2 egg whites and see what works for you.

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If it was soft peak , you needed to add more sugar to it.  I knead it by hand once the tylose and fat is added. 

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i think eather not enof sugar or did not mix long enof  as first time i made had no problem. just a diff tylos  thought that might be problem will try agen that is the viedo i had seen befor i made the first time

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I just made this,but in kgs. Please let me know if it is correct but it came out like crumbs and I could hardly mix it with my hands.

What can I do. It's very hard

I used:
2.5kg powdered/icing sugar
8 1/2 tspoons of Cmc powder (another tylose brand we have here)

When I took it out I had to work more egg white and shortening into it to make more softer. Added another 2 egg whites and lots of shortening. It's as hard as a tennis ball.

Is this what gumpaste is? Sorry I don't know coz we can't buy it in my country.
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I just made some gumpaste but had to leave out a lot of icing sugar. I have found that we can't follow a recipe exactly because of different  sizes of eggs.The ones I used were small so  didn't need as much i/sugar, if i had used it all I would probably have ended up with a rock.

I measured out the i/sugar as the recipe said but when the mixture came to the soft peak stage I stopped adding more at the same time I kept track of how many cups of i/sugar was used. For every heaped cup of i/sugar (5 1/2 ounces)  I added 2 level teaspoon tylose,once it thickened, then turned it out on a board added some of the icing sugar and kneaded until smooth. 

Your quantity of icing sugar   for 4 egg whites  should be 2 kg ( or less). It is not advisable to add any shortening to gumpaste. The only time shortening is used is to grease the hands to prevent sticking when kneading or during use either when rolling out or making your projects.

Sorry but I think you might have to dump your gumpaste and start over.

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Thank you sweettooth.
I noticed now that they said "soft peak".

So I will do as you say. Measure by feeling.

Also after refrigerating. Is it hard like rubbery? Should it feel soft as fondant?
Or did I add to much tylose?
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I let mine sit for a few days in the fudge the one I thought was so stick and gooy I got back
Out and worked a little more sugar into
It and was fine I thank the CK Tylose just had not settled Into the past all the way
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 The gumpaste after it has rested in the fridge and brought back to room temperature is like fondant,not too soft and not too hard and when I break of a piece it is NOT elastic. Only after you knead and pull for a good couple of minutes it becomes stretchy like chewing gum. I only work small amounts that i would be using and leave the rest in the fridge.

Lou - Ann before you throw out your paste that is hard see if you can use it to make centers, the cone shape for roses or balls for peonies at least if it comes too some use you won't feel too bad.

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