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Cake Sticking/Shrinking to sides of pan - Bake even strips the culprit? Help! Inconsistent! - Page 2

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I use the wilton cake release and use it on both bottom and sides of pan and never have had a problem.
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Thanks everyone, I mixed everything evenly, sprayed evenly.  And have even started using wax paper on the bottoms but the sides still give me issues.  Wondering if the bake even strips were the same "wetness"?? I do have one large one that absorbs a lot more than others, wondering if the same has happened to the smaller ones. There is no rhyme or reason!  I will try to go back to greasing and flouring. The spray is just so much easier and my chocolate cake comes right out. I didn't run my knife around the pan hardly it all. It had already pulled away from the sides in chunks like that when it started to cool on the rack.   So weird which is why I took the pictures. It happen when I use the fromscratchSF recipe. 

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Have you tried the wilton cake release? It's very easy to use, maybe you can't get it where you are located I don't know where you Are from so I don't know if you can get the cake release. I don't use a lot of wilton products but I do use this one. I've never tried the scratch recipe form scratchs website but have used other scratch recipes without a problem. Another thing is when you use the strips they tell you to wet them than take your two fingers and run the strips between them to get excess water out, not sure if you are doing that or not.
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I think K8memphis may be correct about the knife around the sides. My cakes used to look like your photos when I used a knife around the sides to loosen the cake. I read on here where someone shook the cake pan a little after taking it out of the oven to loosen the side of the cake away from the pan. I tried it and my cakes have been fine since. 


I do sometimes have trouble with my 6 inch cakes having crumbling sides when I use a Wilton pan. Are your cake pans Wilton brand? My Fat Daddio and Magic Line pans work better for 6 inch cakes.

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Most of my pans are wilton but I do have a few of the brands that you listed and I use the cake release on them ad well with good results.
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I happen to be baking cakes as I'm reading this.


I don't usually have a problem with my cakes sticking (I've always greased & floured my pans, including the sides, and usually run a thin spatula around the sides).  However, this time, as I took one of my cakes out of the oven, I tried the shaking thing.  Worked like a charm!  The cake visibly moved in the pan, and I know when it's cooled the appropriate length of time, it will just tip out.


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I have had problems baking scratch white cake with the baking strips. The recipe I use is a very tender cake and it came out almost like a custard on the edges. I think it needed the extra heat to set the edge because it was so moist and tender and the baking strips tipped it past moist and tender into gluey/wet/soggy. Maybe try wringing out your baking strips more or use a cake nail rather than the strips. I did not have a problem using strips on my scratch yellow. Just the white.
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I too have heard of the shaking your cakes after thet have cooled a bit but I've always used the cake release without a problem.
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Here's a website with some tips maybe it will answer the question.
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Often when I use the wilton bake strips I find the cake sticks to the sides so I now use baking paper around the sides as well as the bottom, it works! Having said that I baked this cake (the egg yolk version) and it shrunk away from the sides of the tin and looked a little fragile, (tasted fine though, still moist). Any thoughts?

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Try wilton cake released works wonderS icon_smile.gif
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