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classes in NYC area and Orlando,Florida???

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hi all CC members,

Actually i live on an island where i practice cake decorating as a selftaught (it s a big word,because i get a big help from CC and the internet!i could nt have done it without!!)

well,what i mean is i can t get any cake decorating class here,neither cake supplier or anything related to cake decorating,so it s a big deal for me to practice my passion.

I m happy to be able to go on holiday in Florida and New York in april/may just for 2weeks,so the first thing i dream to do there is taking one or 2 classes (i don t have open budget,unfortunately!!otherwise i would spend all my holidays taking classes,ha,ha!!!)

anyway,i need your help to find a great cake decorator who can teach me intensive sugar flowers class and wedding cake class(with lace ,stencils...).

also i need to find a good cake supplier because i don t have a lot of equipment and ingredients .

could you help me wiht that,please?

thanks a lot


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whereabouts in florida and you mean ny city?

one baker's 'never ever do' is the next baker's 'i swear by this'
and in other news -- "never trust an atom they make up everything"


one baker's 'never ever do' is the next baker's 'i swear by this'
and in other news -- "never trust an atom they make up everything"


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Ordinarily I would recommend one of Toba Garrett classes at Ice Culinary in NY, unfortunately these classes usually have to be booked in advance.  You can check it out at (recreational classes).  Another alternative is a place in Sunnyside Queens.  It is a cake decorating supply store.  The owner holds his own classes.  I've only bought supplies there, never taken a class but his work is pretty nice.  Also, if you buy supplies at his store, 50 percent of what you purchase can go towards payment for one of his classes.  You can even get a private, one on one class.  The website is  Hope this helps. Please let me know if you take a class there and what your thoughts are.

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thank you very much Lfredden

i m gonna check both of the places you recommend me,and ,of course it helps,thks a lot and i promise i will let you know if i can get a class there(i really hope so!!)


K8memphis,i will be in Orlando (Disney for my kids,specially!!) and in New York,i m gonna stay near Laguardia airport;

i ve already contacted some well known people in New York but i didn t figure out they were too far from where i will stay,unfortunately.


thank you for helping

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FYI, Sunnyside is close to La Guardia

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yes,Lfredden,i ve seen that,thank you.

i m trying now to find available classes during my period of holidays,and i will see.

i ve looked at classes with Toba Garett: waw!!one week classes would be gorgeous!!

it s certainly a week of dream with someone so talented!!

but it's not in my budget,unfortunately!!

well,i keep on looking,thanks a lot


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Most Michael's offer all of the Wilton courses and they are very inexpensive. The individual stores have their class schedules posted online through the main Michael's website. Also check our the website for Sugar Flower Cake Shop and NY Cake. They both offer classes. Any private lessons are going to run at least $200 an hour in NYC.
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thank you for your help,eava,

200$ an hour is too much for my budget,i didn t figure out the costs,because i ve never really taken any class.

Michael's courses could be a good option for me i think.

i don 't know if they give sugar flower classes? i m gonna check their site.


Otherwise,if a talented cake decorator from CC could arrange a class for me(the advantage is i can see the cakes here on CC album to check if it s what i m looking for.)


anyway,i keep on looking through the sites you all recommend me,i hope to find because i m gonna make my first wedding cake when i ll come back from my holidays,and i m really scared by the idea!!

i feel if i take some classes before taking this challenge,i will feel more confident.


thank you very much for your support

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Yes, the level 3 and level 4 wilton classes are dedicated to sugar flowers.  The courses usually are one day a week for 4 weeks though.  Another alternative is  You can purchase online classes for $20-40 and they are very good, taught by some of the best in the business, James Rosselle. Nocholas Lodge, etc.  Marina Sousa has an excellent class where she shows you how to construct the cake.  Sugar Flower Cake Shop charges $200 per class and their classes are 2 hours long and taught in a group setting.  If you are looking for classes in New York, the prices for the classes at Sugar Room linked in the post above are the most reasonable I've seen short of the Wilton classes at Michaels, which won't really work for you if you arent here for 4 weeks.

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thank you eava for those info,this is really helpful.

actually,i ve sent a mail to Sugar Room to check what it s possible to do in this period of time.i m still waiting for their answer.

as for Michaels,you re right,it seems you need to stay some time to get all the classes.

i m gonna see though when i ll be there,if i don t find something on line.

as for craftsy,that looks really interesting,but i dream about spending some "real" classes with talented people,

because i m selftaught and i feel sometimes lonely with my passion(where i live,people don t really know cake decorating,this is new for them,so i can t get supplies nor classes...nothing related to this passion.

i need to share .


well,i think i m gonna take some classes  from craftsy though because i have sooo much to learn!!

thanks again for your help,i m still looking ,but perhaps more in Orlando if Sugar Room is not available.

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Try D & G Occasions in Orlando for supplies. They are across town from Disney so I don't know if that is to far. They might be able to help with some class info. What island are you from? Is shipping to expensive?

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thank you cakestomuch for your help.

actually,i m in contact with a teacher from D&G (i took a class with her 4years ago,i was happy with it,but i was a beginner at that time,i did nt know anything about cake decorating) and i took a beginner class.

(and this is the place where i bought my first supplies!!waw!! i was like a kid in a christmas shop!!!)


now,i know a bit more(not enough,though),and i need to practice a lot a lot a lot!!! in my home,i m not well equiped ,i have to deal with a hot and humid weather nearly all year round!!!

i learn everything from the net,but ,as i said,i need to share ,and most of all i think learning from someone talented is more interesting for me.

 i m from french polynesia,and yes shipping is really expensive!! i never buy on line,too expensive for my budget!!

anyway,thanks for the link and for your support,i will let you know what i have found interesting,it could help someone else.

happy baking

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Coursehorse has a really good site for finding local classes in New York and LA

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thank you Lassie Saves for the link,i didnt know it at all;

i m gonna take a look at it for my next trip,because i m back home since a long time now!!


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