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Springtime Cake

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Hey y'all!


So up until now, I have done mostly upscale cupcakes and wedding cakes; I don't have much experience with smaller cakes for other occasions.  However, I am starting to get asked a lot about it but need some help!


I have a client who wants a cake for a "girls night in."  It will be a single cake as it's only a small group of older women, but she wants it bright and springy - especially mentioned using yellow's.  My first thought was sunflowers mostly because I just love them.  Anyone have some ideas on how to do something simple but elegant for these ladies? 


As of now, I am thinking a small round cake with a regular buttercream and some yellow piping and some sunflower decor.  Maybe some yellow sugar pearls, too. 


Feedback is much appreciated! 

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Maybe a "basket" of sunflowers.


You could pipe a basket weave on the sides and fill the inside of your "basket" with those sunflowers that you want on there. You can make your sunflowers life-sized; it'll still be simple- not a whole lot of piping needed, but still pretty!

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Oh what a fabulous idea!  Chocolate frosting for the basket portion?


I have only toodled around with the basketweave design in the past - I had success with it but I haven't done it on a whole cake.  Maybe it's time to give it a go! 

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I suppose there are white baskets, too LOL. Especially in the springtime!

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Baskets can be any color!

I did this Easter basket and used brown: 



I made this for my boyfriend's family (Easter 2011). Egg-shaped pans from Wilton Course 2 class (2 layer), basket weave, grass tip, gumpaste flowers, store-bought jelly beans and peanut butter eggs. I had a handle made for the cake but it broke when I went to put it on!

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When I think of yellow flowers I think daffodill.  Sunflowers to me are orange :)   

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Wonderful - thank you for the idea!  I love the basket!

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You know, I was just thinking about the same thing!  Daffodils would be pretty - good think!  I may just make my own yellow flower icon_biggrin.gif

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