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Gold Fondant? HELP!!

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Hi Guys


Ive been asked to quote for this cake but ive never used gold before. How would i achieve this look? And for the zebra print is it just a matter of cutting black strips then rolling onto the gold?

Any help would be awesome!!


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Yep, just cut them out and stick them on. however i find the diamonds are a lot harder than they look. I would be interested to see if anyone has any good tips for doing them. and as for the gold I would probably just airbrush it with Americolour gold mist.
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Hello!  I've found the best way to achieve this gold look is to color your base fondant a pale yellow color or close to a "Winnie the Pooh" color; don't get it too "electric yellow" though.  After you get the cake covered, I'd airbrush it to get an even look.  Americolor has a "Gold Sheen" airbrush color that works nicely.

If you don't have an airbrush and want to paint it, here's what I'd use:


As for the zebra stripes- you've got it!  Just roll gumpaste or fondant and randomly cut stripes and attach to the cake. 


I agree with ashleabrowncake: The diamonds can be tricky to get them to line up right; I would suggest getting this nice pack of graduated diamond cutters made by Ateco.  I like these because you can adjust the size of the diamond based on the diameter of your cake.  Here's the website!




GOOD LUCK!  icon_biggrin.gif


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Yea i dont have a airbrush - thats my next major purchase haha. I have done a cake with diamonds before and i hand cut them out and yes it was extremely painful!! So yes investing in a diamond cutter will be a must!

Thanks for your help! Now to price the thing :/

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oh if i went colour mist way (i'm in australia) is americolour better than wilton or vice versa?

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You can use powdered gold! or gold leaf. It's not nutritious, but it is gorgeous and completely safe to ingest. What's your customer willing to pay?

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Americolor! Definitely Americolor!

...Wilton will get the job done in a pinch though.
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Colour mist is a touch more yellowy than the americolour, but very close to the colour in the picture you posted, and I find it needs 1 or 2 more coats as well.

I use to use both before I got an airbrusher.

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Thanks for all your help guys! I gave the woman a quote ($450) but apparently she has another one for nearly half my price ($250). I was going to have to reinforce extremely well as she wanted to transport via car to a venue 7 hours away! So good luck to the woman working for nothing haha. Maybe i was too high? oh well. Good information to keep for next time :)

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