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I'm so excited

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Sorry I just had to share how excited I am about my new cake. My niece is 10 on Monday and I'm doing her a horse cake. I've yet to do his mane so I'll take a picture when he's finished. I'm only a novice and still learning all the time. I only got into cake decorating last year flyer being given a magazine but I absolutely adore it. Am I wrong to be so excited?! Heehee
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It's great!  Well done on adventuring into the world of cakes.  It can be very easy to get completely sucked in, so be careful!  There's always a new technique to learn and try out, always a new cutter or bit of equipment that you "have" to have!


I've only been seriously into cake decorating for a year or so, but I get such enjoyment out of other people's enjoyment of my cakes.  It is one hobby that benefits everyone involved (except possibly your waistline :-) ).


Keep going and remember, you do it to have fun, so if it becomes stressful then try to cut back.


All the best!

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Enjoy the excitement and Welcome.  Don't forget to post your photo when your cake is finished so we can all enjoy.  That is what this site is about.  Sharing our passion.

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