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Powdered Sugar Overload?

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I'm making my first wedding cake this week, and I was hoping someone would take a moment to double check my thinking and my math.  I am making a 12,10,8,6" rounds and 2 9x13 kitchen cakes. They are serving 2x2" party servings for about 124 guests.  But they are not sure how many people are going to show because they didn't do RSVPs. We based the servings on IndyDebs cutting guide.


The recipe I'm using is 2 lb (8 cups) powdered sugar, 1 stick butter, 1 1/2 cups veg shortening, extract, water.  And it said would yield 4 cups (I didn't personally test it).  Using a Wilton chart I figured out I would need 27 cups of frosting 


6" - 3 cups

8" - 4 cups

10" - 5 cups

12" - 6 cups

9x13x4" and filling - 10 cups


Total: 28 cups rounding up to 30 to be on the safe side.  Don't need to worry about boarders or decorations since we are using ribbon and edible pearls.


So my math tells me that at 7 1/2 batches of frosting is 15 lbs sugar.  Am I NUTS?! Or is this right?  Dose this compare to what you do for this much cake???


thanks agian for your guidance.

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The wilton amounts are for decorating too, so I would round down rather than up. But yeah. Sounds pretty close.
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Do yourself a favor and make one batch first and measure the recipe yield. I think that's what may be off.
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It all depends on how thick of a coat you ice the cake with as well as how much you use for the filling.  I never pre make my icing like that. I estimate how much + extra I 'may' need and have all the ingredients to save a rush trip to the store. Now this is just my process, I know everyone has their own routine, but I make 1 double batch to use for filling and crumb coating which you will probably have some left over. I then make another double batch and start icing. When I run out make another :). Making 3-4 double batches just sounds easier than 7 doesn't it :)  Oh and if you have time, fill and crumb coat then let set a few hours to let it settle. You can avoid getting "the bulge"on your cake sides if you do this. I don't always do that and the cakes turn out fine but there have been a few that I was unhappy with :(  Hope that helps a little. Good luck on your first cake!

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My recipe is pretty similar in ingredients and it makes 6-7 cups.  You could make a batch and measure it and keep making it so all your icing is done with. 

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I think you ladies are right.  I should just make a batch and measure it myself.

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By the way, all those cakes make 190 party servings, which is way more cake than needed.  You will have 230 wedding servings, which is what Indydebi's cutting guide goes by.

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Maybe I misunderstood the chart then.  When looking at her chart for the 2"x2" party servings this is what I saw.


6" round serves 8

8" round serves 14

10" round serves 21

12" round serves 28


Total Servings 71


9x13x2 serves 24 so I would need 2 total servings 48


Then I would have a total of 119 servings (71+48=119)


These are the charts I used.  and


My cousins wedding is a week from today and he is supposed to give me a check for the ingredients today.  Did I realy plan for way way to much cake?  He isn't serving a meal just cake, icecream and punch.  While I know its to early to start freaking out.....Im freaking out a little bit.  Could someone let me know ASAP. Please!

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Is each cake going to be two layers high, about four inches high?
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4 inches high for the rounds and 2 inches high for the 9x13

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It isn't letting me load the second link.  It took me a bit to figure out the serving differences.  The industry standard for wedding cake servings is the Wilton chart.  Since there is no big meal or dessert the larger party sizes would certainly be warranted.  This is the chart for that.  The Wilton wedding servings are 1 by 2 by 4.  The party servings are 1 1/2 by 2 by 4.  The cutting guide you linked to must be 2 by 2 by 4.  Which is double the normal wedding servings and bigger than party servings and a huge piece of cake.  Now since there is only cake and ice cream, I don't know...that is still a big piece of cake.  The other thing is you mentioned 124 guests but no RSVP.  So were there 124 invited guests?  If there were 124 invited guests certainly they won't all come.  I think some say to figure 60 or 80 percent of the invited guests, not sure, would have to research that.  Is the reception at a meal time or like when people would have already eaten.  Are people going to be hungry or just eaten or eating after and not expecting to be fed.  If you haven't figured it out, I don't sell cakes so can't give you a hard answer from personal experience, sorry. 

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